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Домейн разширения-р

Domain extension, site selection.

Домейн разширения-р

Domain extension, site selection.

Today I want to touch on a very important topic when choosing a domain for the site, namely its extension.

Have you ever wondered what types of domain extensions there are besides the standard ones: com, net, eu, info, org, bg.

But, in fact, there are many types of domain endings that few people use. And they are quite fun and even strictly defined aimed at specific activities, products and services.

I will try to share with you some of them that impressed me a lot.

  • The “.band” extension, which is extremely suitable if you want to make a site for a music band. You can combine it whatever you think up front. For example:,,, etc.
  •   The extension “.hiphop” is also very suitable for a site of musicians dealing with this type of music. Likewise, it can be combined with countless many options. For example:,,, etc
  • The “.moe” extension, it can be combined with countless variations and here I will leave it to your imagination and fantasies 🙂
  • Another rather provocative extension that impressed and surprised me is “.wtf”, the abbreviation is a slang that is quite often used in chats, comics and stickers…
  • Another rather dark extension is “.rip”, obviously used to have it, but could also be used as a tongue-in-cheek site name, by someone with a weirder sense of humor…
  • There are more than 90 extensions suitable for sites dealing with different types of services. It would be difficult to list them all, but I will introduce you to the impressive ones.
  •   The “.cleaning” extension, ideal for cleaning companies. The variations are truly endless here. For example:,,,… And so on, depending on how wild your imagination is
  • Another interesting domain extension is “.consulting”, extremely suitable for people, companies, companies engaged in consulting activities. We can talk a lot about options that can be combined. Here are some examples:,,,….
  • The domain extension “.energy” can also be used for companies involved in the production, transmission and trade of electricity, petroleum products, food additives. As examples I can think of:,,,,… But, there are literally hundreds of thousands of combinations that can be combined with this extension.
  • For real estate companies, the domain extension “.property” is just perfect. As a prima vista, some combinations occur to me, such as:,,
  • For a goldsmith or jewelry studio, the “.gold” extension is ideal and on-site. Like here you can combine anything you can think of:,,, ceremony. gold and so on.
  • For credit companies, the .loan extension is suitable for their activity. As it can be combined with:,,,…

On the site of the hosting provider Max1.colud, you will find not only unique domain extensions at bargain prices, but also hosting for all your needs.

  •  WordPress hosting that is specifically tailored to the requirements and resources of the world’s most popular CMS.
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  • For larger ones, VPSs are also available
  • As well as Rented Servers

And all this with impeccable quality and service support, at very competitive prices.


Домейн разширения

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Домейн разширения-р
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